Top Tools Every Business Should Be Using Today

There are many businesses out there that aren’t operating at their peak efficiency today, why? You might ask this question; many businesses today don’t realize the huge amount of potential that things like automating simple tasks can save thousands of dollars in both explicit and implicit costs. Businesses all over the world can be saving money and making more by simply adopting new and readily available technologies (many of which are actually free of charge to use). Learn some of these new tools that every business should be using today!

  • Automating simple tasks

Things like IFTTTT and Hootsuite can be used to easily and efficiently automate social media tasks, sites like this are available for practically every single possible routinely done task. Using Google or Yahoo can yield hundreds of these sites, most of which will be free or cost very little to use, if you can’t find one it should be quite easy to get a programmer from a freelancing site to do one, for example one time I remember a trading company had a trading algorithm that used mt4 indicators to trade on Forex, we simply hired a freelancer from Singapore and his team based in Beijing to do it for us. It still does quite a good amount of work today.

  • Making it easier for people to coordinate

Sites like Google Drive, Slack, Skype, Hip-chat, and Discord chat are making it easier for people to coordinate working together on a project. Creating a folder on Google Drive to house all the files required to work on a certain project makes it easy for people to pull jobs from a certain folder and execute them. Some workplaces have experienced higher efficiency counts by over 20% or so using this method.