How Technology Is Disrupting Business in 2018

Investors and individuals who are running one or other kind of business have started to depend on technology in order to stay updated, beat the competition and bring in some innovation. Technology has definitely become a part of our day-to-day life as one can use it to manage accounts, keep a track on contacts, create products and offer reliable internal as well as external communication platforms.

Having said that, we know that there are always two sides of a coin. Similarly, technology also comes with certain disadvantages for us.

Drawbacks of technology for business

Some of the areas where technology has proven to be a disadvantage for small and large business are:

  • Rising expense and budget for running is a business is one of the major drawbacks of technology advancement. One has to indulge in purchasing costs, maintenance, and training expenditures in order to get access to the desired technology-based equipment. The expenses double-up when there is any kind of system failure too.

  • When we access technology to resolve our business concerns, security becomes a major aspect to care about. Sensitive information stored online might get leaked or hacked, thus resulting in loss of personal and professional information.

  • Technology is definitely dividing the employees and creating distance between People are more engrossed in their social media sites and mobiles during free sessions instead of spending quality team-building time with their colleagues. This is further leading to misunderstandings as well as communication gaps.

  • This boon is also becoming a bane in terms of a huge source of distraction. Productivity is bound to go low if the technology is not used appropriately and is only considered as a mean of entertainment and convenience. Using it to complete tasks in time is what one needs to use technology for, at least during working hours.

In addition to this, completely depending and indulging in technology drifts us away from our family members too as we continue to bring work at home too and spend rest of the day in front of our computers only in order to meet different deadlines. This is killing our family life too.

However, if you wish to keep your family time intact, ensure to visitĀ and get some ideas on how to balance your family time while boosting your business simultaneously.