What Makes a Good commercial ice freezer

Countertop display units are great for any café looking for a great way to showcase their products to their customers. These display units can be quite expensive to purchase, so it’s wise to understand the reasons to buy a certain model.

  • Know the size of your café building

If your cafe is large and spacey, a larger freezer setup can be easily stored inside while a smaller cafe many not be able to find the real estate required for it. Make sure you know the size of your business before buying let’s say a huge triple door display freezer.

  • What type of products you are trying to promote

If you have frozen products that you wish to promote an ice freezer can work well, not so well if you are trying to promote things like fresh fruit or vegetables. Certain products look better in certain freezer types, be sure to ask a specialist – for example this store selling restaurant Equipment from Tefcold – for more details and consultation.

  • How much are you willing to spend?

A more high-quality freezer can go for over 1000$, you may consider that quite overkill if you only want to have a place to store small coffee products for example. Preferably you should try to find a balance in between quality and price you can compromise on, but in the end, it is really all up to you.

  • Make sure to get a reputable brand

Getting a cheap refrigerator can reflect poorly on your business and dissuade customers from purchasing from your store. Brands like Nisbet, Samsung, LG are more widely known and popular – which will reflect great on your business.

In conclusion, purchasing an ice freezer can be quite daunting. Make sure you read some good content on which types, prices and brands to purchase before buying.…